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Pro Swapper V2 is swapping custom skins/items using a private server (Neonite) and the Fortnite client.

FORTNITE Pro Swapper V2 + KEY

«Download Links + Instruction: How to use Pro Swapper»

Pro Swapper V2 (free download)

password: proswapper

Якорь 1
  1. Make sure you have Fortnite 14.20. The Fortnite Launcher (comes with Neonite) and Pro Swapper V2 (and the Pro Swapper key).

  2. Make sure you have node installed (install it here) and click install.bat. Now open run.bat

  3. Launch Pro Swapper V2 and swap whatever items you want and you can swap as many as you want, just click on an item and hit "Convert". Then just open Neonite's Fortnite Launcher and make sure you have your Fortnite 14.20 Path Selected.

  4. Now click launch and Enjoy!



Q: Can I join other people?

A: No, as the Fortnite server is hosted locally on your machine.

Q: Do I have to download 14.20?

A: It's a bit tedious, we know but the most recent version of Fortnite compresses their files so custom skins are the easiest on this version without the compressed files.


Best Skin Changer FORTNITE

Why can't I open this?

Some anti-malware programs will detect the Swapper as a false positive. You will need to disable the firewall blocking the software.


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